How to Create Effective Ads – Mastering Your Headline

The problem with many ads today is that they are just not appealing. Their creators create them as if they are obligated to do so. Sure, they have to create ads, but it doesn’t have to be done in such a robotic manner. As a matter of fact, a person can have fun creating their ads.



The most important part of your ad and the one thing that will catch everyone’s attention is the headline.

How do you master this?

o You have to get attention by using words such as amazing, finally, free, new, latest, and so on.

o Next is the interest, which is using a combination of words that relates to the interest of the readers. These phrases include such things as: having friends, saving money, reducing weight, and so forth.

o The next part is the desire. This is the part that makes the reader desire what it is that is being offered. You would be quite surprised how many people mainly respond to the headline. They may never make it to the body of the ad.

o The last part of the headline is the action. An example: Start today and take off 10 pounds in 3 days!

Cover these 4 areas and you can sell your company before the reader ever makes it to the body. No more boring ads for you. You can create exciting ads starting with the headline and take it from there. You don’t have to feel obligated to create an ad. You can create an ad because it is a lot of fun to do when you know that you can be creative with it.

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